About The Jensen Law Firm PLLC

    Established in 1996, the Jensen Law Firm PLLC, “Jensen Law Firm,” has been providing expert legal services on a full range of immigration matters for over twenty years. Our team has particular expertise in navigating the legal system to provide the best solutions for especially difficult and complex cases. We also specialize in assisting foreign companies seeking to do business in the United States. In addition to the transfer of personnel, we assist these clients with general corporate, employment, and other regulatory matters. Please refer to our “Services” page for more details.

    Our diverse clientele includes large corporations, universities, non-profit corporations, family-owned businesses and non-affiliated individuals. Our record of success with each respective client type documents our ability to successfully guide clients through a variety of legal issues. Most importantly, we understand the significance of every legal situation and the impact it can pose to each of our clients’ lives. We are empathetic to our clients’ situations and treat each case accordingly. Please refer to our “Testimonials” page for direct quotations from past clients.

    The Jensen Law Firm is synonymous with quality customer service and expert legal advice. Our offices have an internal policy of returning client phone calls and e-mails within the day they were received. Our abundance of experience allows our staff to complete applications promptly after receiving all of the necessary documentation from our clients. We also offer emergency processing services as necessary.