Ministers and Religious Workers

A religious organization that wishes to employ a foreign national as a minister, professional, or worker in a religious occupation or vocation may file a petition in the fourth employment-based preference category. In order to qualify, the foreign national must have been a member of a religious denomination having a bona fide nonprofit, religious organization in the United States for at least two years and must have been performing the ministry, vocation, professional work, or other work continuously during that period.

Religious organization means:

A religious organization means a qualifying Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3) organization.

Religious denomination means:

A religious denomination means a religious group or community of believers having some form of ecclesiastical government, a creed, or statement of faith, some form of worship, discipline, services and ceremonies or comparable indicia.

Minister means:

Minister means an individual authorized by a religious denomination to conduct religious worship and to perform other duties typical of clergy of that religion. The term doesn't include a lay preacher.

Professional capacity means:

Professional capacity means an activity in a religious vocation or occupation for which the minimum of a bachelor’s or a foreign equivalent is required.

Religious occupation / Religious vocation means:

Religious occupation or vocation means an activity that relates to traditional religious functions such as liturgical workers, religious instructors or counselors.